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The experts

Dr. Annabel Bentley

Dr Annabel Bentley

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Annabel Bentley is responsible for medical policy and strategy at AXA Health, leading a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and auditors to provide expert medical advice.

Feelgood Health hint: “Connecting with others is a really important part of good mental health. Whether it’s spending time with family and friends (virtually, or in person), or taking your four-legged best friend for a walk, it’s a simple way to relax and calm your mind.”



Dr. Mark Winwood

Dr Mark Winwood

Clinical Lead for Mental Health Services at AXA Health

Dr Mark Winwood is a leading psychologist at AXA Health. He focuses on developing psychological care across our wellbeing and medical services. Prior to joining AXA Health, Mark worked as senior psychologist in the NHS and has many years of clinical experience.

Feelgood Health hint: “Depending on your physical ability, doing something that involves a little movement every day is beneficial for physical and mental health. This can be anything from swimming to gardening, yoga, or some stretching.”



Raj Kundhi

Raj Kundhi

Senior Physiologist & Registered Associate Nutritionist

Raj’s background is in the science of nutrition, the effect foods have on our bodies and using behaviour change techniques to help individuals be the best they can be.

Feelgood Health hint: “Staying hydrated is really important for your health, and if you’re not a fan of plain water why not jazz it up with lemon, mint, cucumber or slices of fresh orange?”



Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp

Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager

Sarah has a passion for women's health issues, and is always keen to empower others to improve their health. Sarah advises that finding a healthy work/life balance is key to living a happy, fulfilled life.

Feelgood Health hint: “I’m a qualified cheerleading coach, and can highly recommend it as a fun, sociable way of getting Feelgood Healthy.”



Emma Cronin

Emma Cronin

Registered nurse and midwife

Prior to joining us, Emma worked in the NHS for over 30 years, accumulating a considerable breadth of knowledge in nursing and midwifery. Emma is a key member of our Health at Hand telephone helpline, available to AXA Health members day or night.

Feelgood Health hint: “Taking up a new hobby is a great way to improve your health, it can give you a sense of satisfaction, pleasure, relaxation or exhilaration.”



Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Senior Physiologist

Dan has over 10 years of experience working in health and wellbeing and has worked for AXA Health since 2017. Through consideration of new perspectives, Dan works to support individuals in their wellbeing journey through helping them to reflect on and understand what health really means to them.

Feelgood Health hint: “If there’s one thing to keep doing throughout your life; it’s to move well. Do something you enjoy and do it often. Whether this is walking the dog, competing in a sport, or doing simple home workouts. Keep moving and stay active to help secure a happy, healthy life.”