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Feelgood businesses are where today’s employees want to be. Employees expect a workplace that will help them thrive and maximise their potential.

We explore the wellbeing steps that are working today and look at how emerging trends are likely to shape the future. From culture and leadership to effective wellbeing measures that you can put into practice, you’ll gain the insight and guidance you need to help your teams flourish.

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Feelgood people create Feelgood businesses

Today, we know that people who are supported at work are 60% more likely to be happy and nearly twice as likely to flourish in their roles (AXA Mind health & wellbeing study 2022). In our Feelgood Business videocasts, host and mental-health champion Rob Stephenson is joined by progressive business leaders and AXA Health experts to discuss creating a Feelgood Business that works for everyone.

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The pandemic has established hybrid working. But, by extending the workplace to the home, it’s presented businesses with new wellbeing challenges. This toolkit provides expert insight and advice on how to keep your teams fit, well and fired up wherever they’re working.


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