Employee wellbeing education to suit your business

Wellbeing workshops, events and seminars

When it comes to employee wellbeing, education is key to spark awareness, increase engagement and affect behaviour change. 

AXA Health’s Proactive Health wellbeing workshops, events and seminars can be used to complement your existing activity or we can work with you to tailor a complete programme.

Examples of what we offer


Help your employees gain an increased sense of wellbeing by bringing awareness to the present moment without judgement – allowing thoughts to come and go.

Better nutrition
Better nutrition, better health

Eating well can help avoid health problems both now and in the future. Arm your employees with the knowledge about what they should be consuming to stay well.

Smoking cessation

An interactive smoking awareness event covering - facts on smoking and health, alternatives to smoking, nicotine replacement therapies and preparing to quit guidance and tools.

Resilience stress management
Resilience/Stress management

Helping your employees build effective tools and techniques to increase their ability to manage under pressure.

Fit to lead training
Fit to lead training

Helping business leaders and managers integrate the key principles of leadership, resilience and wellbeing.

First aid
Mental health first aid

An accredited course helping individuals identify, understand and help someone experiencing a mental health issue.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is designed to support behaviour change and reduce risks – targeting outcomes such as losing weight, managing stress and creating healthier habits in nutrition, exercise and sleep. Coaching sessions are accessed by telephone, email or video-link and last 6-12 weeks.

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