Building your wellbeing culture together

An ever improving wellbeing cycle for your business

Just like people, businesses need healthy routines too - that’s why we developed the Wellbeing Cycle.

It’s a process that can start anywhere. But the bigger picture is to complete the loop to ensure your wellbeing offering covers each stage of the cycle. Nearly 80 years of experience tells us that’s what gets results, and creates year on year improvement.

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Together, through our Wellbeing Cycle, we’ll create a shared wellbeing ambition for your business (be that big or small, short or long-term). We’ll work with you to identify the gaps in your existing programme to continuously engage your employees. We’ll help you choose the right activations in each stage - from Insight to Intervention - and ensure you are delivering across the Five Drivers of Wellbeing: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset.

Together we can unlock the power to help everyone bring their best self to work. 

Build the picture of your wellbeing

Combine your intimate knowledge of your business with our health and wellbeing expertise. Speak to one of our Wellbeing Consultants about building your wellbeing culture.



Understanding your wellbeing challenges is key to solving them. Our experts become fluent in the data you hold, and can use a suite of products to get you additional insight. Together, we’ll develop and improve effective pathways towards better wellbeing.


When it comes to wellbeing, we all know you get out what you put in. That’s true from advocacy at board level, to employees. So, we’ll help you with expert-led tools, campaigns and content to generate interest, improve knowledge and drive interaction.



People and businesses alike can only improve if they know their current level. Our health professionals will work with you to give your team ways to benchmark their current wellbeing levels, providing data-points against which success can be judged.



It’s important to know when to step in to help your employees. As healthcare specialists, we’ll recommend how and when to get directly involved in improving the wellbeing of your employees. Whether through workshops and training, or implementing a programme of health coaching, together we’ll directly drive wellbeing outcomes.



We know people need different things at different times. That’s why we’ll provide a baseline of support through activations that can help when the everyday doesn’t go to plan; as well as helping those who need ways to stay on-track with their wellbeing journey.
Discover our wellbeing services to help keep your workforce fit, well and fired up about staying healthy 

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