Workplace health assessments and reviews

Health assessments

From new starters to chief executives, you can choose from a range of health reviews that will help you to protect the health of your employees – and in turn protect your business.

Our health reviews go beyond the health detail to give you practical, clinical guidance on how you can effectively address any health risks, including those related specifically to the employee’s role.

What do we offer?

New Starter Health Assessments (NSHA)

We understand that when you’ve found the right person for a position, things need to move fast. Our NSHA’s user-friendly questionnaire quickly determines any health issue or risk to the employee, customer, or others, from the employee taking up their position.

You’ll receive clear guidance and clarity on next steps, whether that’s signposting for further assessment, practical advice for workplace adjustments or certification that they are fit for role.

Know Your Numbers day

Our Physiologist-led Know Your Numbers assessments give employees information on their key health indicators, such as blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).

Wellbeing consultations

Our Wellbeing consultations give a more detailed assessment of an employee’s wellbeing. The consultation includes a mental wellbeing screen and more time to discuss lifestyle impacts and goals. 

Realise Health Plans

Better health isn't only about managing ill health and treating disease - it's about preventing it. But how do you inspire your employees to get a handle on their health? Realise Health Plans, delivered by LiveSmart, combine the best of digital technology with blood analysis and personal encouragement to give your employees health insights they can act on.

Executive medicals

We offer a range of executive medicals, all designed to make it easier for individuals to understand and make changes, to improve their health and wellbeing. These include assessments to address lifestyle changes through to a complete appraisal.

We follow up every executive medical with a comprehensive medical report containing practical steps on how to address any issues identified during the medical.

Health Coaching

Tackle health risks and make lifestyle changes with 12 weeks of personal, one-to-one expertise and encouragement. Using the MyCoach app, employees will work with their health coach to set manageable goals, learn positive new behaviours and step firmly on the path to better health. 

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