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Speeding up return-to-work times

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Back to Health

What happens if an employee isn’t able to do their normal work duties? What if expert occupational health advice suggests that they’ll be off for longer unless they get fast access to the treatment they need?

That’s when you can call on our Back to Health service.

How it works

Why choose Back to Health?

With Back to health you don’t need to choose in advance who you want to cover and there is not limit on the number of employees you can include. Our experts manage every case for you and treatment is provided as negotiated rates with no Insurance Premium Tax to pay.


Cost effective and affordable

Back to Health is a way of providing private healthcare as you need for employees you want to fast-track back to fitness. It aims to speed up return-to-work times through quick access to treatment, and you decide when to use the service so you’re always in control of your costs.


Expert treatment

Back to Health can provide specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, scans and x-rays all through AXA Health’s network of healthcare providers. And there’s no restriction on the medical conditions you can cover.

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Simple to set up

It’s simple to set up too. A one-off set up fee gets you up and running. You can top up your treatment fund monthly as needed, and the monthly admin fee you pay depends on the claims made.

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Together, let’s keep people safe and well at work. To discuss your occupational health provision, or how better to support employee wellbeing, contact your account manager or one our wellbeing consultants today.

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