Musculoskeletal services for the workplace

Musculoskeletal services

Most work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) develop over time. We’re all familiar with colleagues struggling through when they’re suffering with a bad back, stiff shoulders, aching knees and so on.

That’s why our Musculoskeletal Services are designed to make it easier for your employees to access expert help early, or to support your business in understanding how the working environment is impacting employee health and may benefit from redesign.

What do we offer?


Our Physiotherapy Service aims to return an individual to their full potential, or as a minimum return them to their optimal capacity. Operating either over the phone or in person, flexing to the make-up of your organisation – this service provides a fast route to Musculoskeletal Assessment and treatment. Following a consultation convenient to the patient, an appropriate treatment pathway is determined, which can include self-management and face to face physiotherapy.

Workplace Assessments

Our physiotherapy service can include the assessment of workplaces to identify work-related issues affecting staff. Recommendations will be clear and actionable, and where mismatch or disability exists, we’ll recommend reasonable adjustments.

Ergonomic Assessments

We work with businesses whose employees work on the ground and below it, in the skies and under the seas. We can offer ergonomic guidance for systems and practices across your entire organisation. We’ll help shape your organisational strategy, policies and workplace design to optimise work performance. 

Muscle, bone and joint support

Looking for employee musculoskeletal support within private healthcare cover? Our Working Body pathway is included in Advance, our corporate health insurance.

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