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Workplace health assessments

The road to better health and wellbeing can seem long and daunting. Our flexible health assessments help people take control and start positively along the path to better health, making the tasks they face more manageable along the way.

141.4 million

The estimated number of working days lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018. Equating to 4.4 days per worker.

ONS, 2018.

Why choose AXA Health for your employee health assessments?


Experienced guidance

At AXA Health, we deliver over 23,000 health assessments a year, each one underpinned by clinical protocols that follow the latest guidance. Which means you can be sure your teams are in safe hands to understand their health better and take their first steps in the right direction.


Assessments to suit your business goals

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so you can choose the assessments that fit your budget and support your unique business goals. We look at mental health in many of our assessments, too. Through our wellbeing platform, anonymous information from employee health assessments results will contribute to a holistic view of your organisational health.


Onwards support

Our support doesn’t stop with the assessment. Once your employees have their results, we guide them to the services you have in place to support them, whether we provide these at AXA Health or not. For example, this could be their employee assistance programme, health coaching or an occupational health referral to help them change their habits for good.

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