Occupational health

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Occupational Health

Please check that your operating company has the AXA PPP healthcare Occupational Health service before using the material on this page.

The Occupational Health service is intended to minimise the impact ill health can have on organisations and employees. It makes sure that employees are given fast and effective help with any health problems that may be related to, or affect, their work. Occupational Health service is designed to help employees stay healthy at work and to ensure that employers meet their duty of care requirements.

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Introducing the Occupational Health service

In order to get the most from your Occupational Health service it’s important to ensure that HR and the managers within your company understand the service and how to use it. The resources in this section give your people managers a detailed overview of the service.

pdfIcon_20x20(2).gif HR guide to Occupational Health

pdfIcon_20x20(2).gif Manager guide to Occupational Health

pdfIcon_20x20(2).gif Launch poster

Understanding the Occupational Health service

This section provides more detailed information on the various aspects of the Occupational Health service to help your managers understand how and when to use the service.

pdfIcon_20x20(2).gif Step by step guide to the new starter health assessment

pdfIcon_20x20(2).gif Understanding a Management Advice Report