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Corporate wellbeing strategy


2 August 2018

Your people are living and working for longer1, making them think differently about their health and wellbeing. In the workplace, wellbeing covers everything from work-life balance to physical environments. And when they’re happy and healthy, they’re more likely to be motivated and committed to their roles.

We know that to unlock better health you need insight, understanding and the right course of action. The challenge is to make this simple and attainable for your employees. Building an effective wellbeing strategy takes time and expertise, and critically needs to address those drivers that make your people feel fulfilled, energetic, resilient and happy, all while feeling personal to them.

You’re experts in your business and we’re experts in health, with the tools, services and support to help you and your colleagues thrive.

Prevention the key to a healthier future

Prevention the key to a healthier future?

From stress to musculoskeletal disorders from long latency disease to common colds, we know ill health is a problem for every section of society.

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Positive Awareness and Engagement

We know that work and life are closely intertwined, and just as no business is the same, no person is the same either. That’s why it’s so important to make sure wellbeing is relevant, timely and accessible, and also identifies and supports those who need it most.

Leaders and employees must work together to create a culture of empowerment and ownership. A strong wellbeing programme really gives HR departments a chance to generate positive change by helping people to work to the best of their ability. Employer’s need to give wellbeing an identity, communicate their ambitions and drive progress.

Informing Health

We use health ‘data’ to give your employees a better understanding of their wellbeing. After all, you can’t change what you don’t know. With years of experience working in many industries, we can make the best recommendations to boost the health of your business. From blood samples taken at home to digital Health Related Assessments (HRAs) and traditional onsite assessment, we’ll keep your people informed about their health, and support them in making changes for the better.

Meaningful Action

We’re committed to reducing risk and creating positive health outcomes.. In fact, we’ve recently strengthened our range of services to include health coaching, providing the motivation your employees need to make lasting change.

Our association with Nuffield Health means your employees are entitled to discounted monthly membership, helping them make positive steps towards better health.

Even the way we craft our Occupational Health Management Advice Reports has been thought through to deliver clear, meaningful guidance that helps line managers support a healthier return to work.

We’re also providing companies with dedicated Physiologist resource and Wellbeing Managers, not only to deliver our services but to help inform and drive the business’s strategy. They can be fully integrated into your business, learning the culture, getting to know your people and putting your programme into action. And they’ll keep up to date with best practice from a central hub of AXA Health resource, so you know your people are getting the latest thinking and treatments.

Difference you can measure

We know that to secure budget you’ll need to demonstrate the individual and business benefits of the initiatives you intend to run. So you’ll need to routinely monitor employee wellbeing. Talk to your employees, understand all the available data sources, and insist on insight and recommendations so you can best understand your risk factors. Look at combining service management information, e.g. hold your PMI claims alongside a wider investment in prevention. And has an increased use of online GP appointments meant one-day absence has reduced? 

Data alone is only an enabler. It’s the gleaned insight, which your health experts should support you with, that can drive meaningful next steps.

To support you we’ve included the Proactive Health Gateway as part of your Advance health cover. It gives you a holistic health status of your company and prioritises any health hot spots. In fact, across all our clients we’ve removed more than 26,000 health risks. All our services comprise comprehensive MI too, which our Account Management team are on hand to support you with.

Wellbeing doesn’t stand still, so neither do we

We’ve established the Health Tech and You programme to help us work with innovators and market disruptors, bringing new solutions to the corporate market quickly.

If we don’t have the solution you need, our Dedicated Health Consulting team can work directly with clients to find them. Our team always has an eye on the future, nurturing relationships with innovators and market disruptors so we can find solutions to new health challenges fast.

Helping you get the message out

Wellbeing and engagement are very closely linked, which is why the right communications at the right time play a huge role in the success of any strategy. Alongside a specialist team that will work with you to create, design and implement your health and wellbeing plans, we create wellbeing campaigns that you can use in your own business free of charge.

1)Office for National Statistics 2014-2016