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Wellbeing risk is business risk

REBA’s Employee Wellbeing Research 2021 in association with AXA Health

14 April 2021

It’s unsurprising REBA’s 2021 report highlights anxiety, stress, burnout and work-life balance as focal areas for so many organisations’ wellbeing strategies. People risk is now the boardroom conversation of 2021. Employee wellbeing and business strategy are becoming inseparable. Wellbeing is no longer ‘should we?’, but ‘how best or better can we?’ use it to facilitate strategy.

Read 2021’s report to discover how:

  • wellbeing programmes are growing more cohesive; and emerging as drivers of business goals and strategy
  • wellbeing risks are widely being recognised by employers as key business risks
  • mental health support remains a high-level priority – now more than ever
  • employers have quickly stepped into action in response to Covid-19
  • technology-driven wellbeing services are changing the face of delivery.

Fit for the future 

The impact on employees of treatment delays, Long Covid and other wellbeing concerns, coupled with our ‘always on’ culture mean wellbeing plans must be both responsive and outward looking. A deeper understanding of the impact of health strategies better guides individuals and employers alike.  The report highlights that clear, collaborative and sustained strategies will bear the best results.