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Managing absence confidently


5 July 2017

Managing Absence Confidently is a no-nonsense approach to dealing with absence that gives you logical advice on what to do when a team member goes absent, best practice, top tips and even a handy checklist to work through so you can cover all the steps.

Our guide to Absence Management will help you manage both short and long term absence in a timely and effective way. In the guide there is concise and clear direction on what to do, especially if there is reoccurrence and/or a pattern/change of behaviour (including how to handle those conversations).

 You can also navigate your way through the Occupational Health referral process. It looks at whether you need one in the first place and if you do, everyone’s role and what questions should you ask to get the best out of it (good input = good output). Returning to work after a period of absence, whatever the reason, is also covered and find out why the Return to Work meeting is so important to you, your employee and the business. There is a clear RTW meeting template and tips on how to record it successfully.


So take a look and save the guide to your desktop and favourites.