Health: A strategic imperative


29 January 2017

We are living through an era of unprecedented change. Society is ageing, technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives, the world is moving faster than at any time in history. Lifestyle is now the main cause of disease and disability. And with the financial pressure on state funded healthcare, the call is to move resources away from treating, towards preventing, and placing greater responsibility on the individual.

For businesses, there is a growing strategic imperative to understand and engage with these issues. The arena for health will increasingly shift from the GP surgeries, clinics and hospitals to the offices, meeting rooms and warehouses of UK Plc.

In this report we look at these issues in detail and explore how we might respond to these challenges in the future.

Whitepaper - Health: A Strategic Imperative

The significant wellbeing and health issues impacting our nation, our businesses and our people – both today and in the future.