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2 January 2018

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From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, we’ll make it easy for you to support your employees on their journey to healthy habits.

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A New Year often heralds the promise of a new start, providing us with an opportunity to take a moment to sit back and take a fresh look at what we would like to achieve in the brand new year ahead. It usually involves a resolution or two around self-improvement, a health choice, whether this is losing weight, getting fitter, or taking more time to ourselves - all great ambitions. 

But it’s estimated that 36% of us give up on our resolutions within the first month, and after six months over 50% have given up1

There are many benefits in supporting your employees with their health and wellbeing goals, not least because their good health can contribute to the good health of your business, and example of which is the reduction time spent absent from work due to sickness2

So, with obvious benefits for everyone, how can your organisation support its employees and help them keep those healthy resolutions alive?

That’s where we can help. At AXA PPP healthcare we can help support your employees with their health and wellbeing goals in a number of ways:

The Proactive Health Gateway

The Proactive Health Gateway is a single online health and wellbeing destination for your employees. Packed with tools and insight, it has the capability to learn and respond to their choices and interests and support your employees with their health and wellbeing goals. 

How your employees can benefit from the Health Gateway

  • Sets personal health targets and creates individual programmes with proven health outcomes 
  • Provides access to interactive tools enabling users to monitor daily health and fitness habits 
  • Accessible from work and home on computer, smartphone and other devices 
  • Integrates with popular consumer apps and devices to provide a complete picture of user health 
  • Uses smart algorithms to target solutions based on individual need. 

How your organisation can benefit

  • Creates sustained employee engagement in health and wellbeing 
  • Builds inclusiveness and team morale through challenges and cross team activities 
  • It can be provided as part of your private medical plan or integrated with Proactive Health onsite health interventions as well as personal apps and devices to provide you with the fullest picture of the overall health of your organisation
  • Your choice: You can extend the Health Gateway to all employees within your organisation for a small fee. We will then add your logo, customised links unique to your business and provide regular management information about the health of your population and their progress. 


ActivePlus provides access to an extensive selection of discounted lifestyle and wellbeing products from leading brands – all intended to make healthier living easier, simpler and more affordable. 

When linked with the Proactive Health Gateway, the healthier the behaviours your employees adopt, for example the more regular activity they take - the more Proactive Points they will accrue and the larger the discount they can receive. 

From Fitbits, vitamins and everyday health products, and the ability to sign up for a discounted gym membership (available to members of AXA PPP healthcare), ActivePlus has a range of products at competitive prices to help your employees support their health and wellbeing goals throughout this year and beyond.

Discounted Gym Membership

Everyone should be able to keep fit and stay healthy. Which is why, as a member of a corporate AXA PPP healthcare private healthcare plan, your employees can enjoy exclusive gym discounts through our partner relationship with the UK’s largest chain of fitness centres, PureGyms.

  • Open 24/7 to suit the working hours and personal commitments of your employees
  • Great value membership to support your workforce’s budgets
  • Safe and secure environments monitored by real-time CCTV to provide peace of mind
  • Access to over 220 pieces of fitness equipment and 50 free classes to help maintain enthusiasm and enjoyment.

The AXA PPP healthcare Health and Wellbeing calendar

Help your employees to live life well with health and wellbeing engagement materials provided via our monthly calendar. Designed to help you support your employees through the provision of employee webinars, live chats, posters and factsheets – helping them to engage with health issues that matter to them and adopt healthier lifestyle choices. The calendar provides support for health and wellbeing issues – mental health, getting active and coping with cancer.

We’ve made it easy for you as an employer to share with your employees and provide a format to sustain a health and wellbeing programme throughout the year.

AXA PPP healthcare Online Health Centres

Our online health centres are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing advice and guidance on the health topics that concern your workforce. From allergies and ageing well to cancer and heart disease your employees can: 

  • Join a live chat
  • Ask an expert
  • Check out our health centres online  

Health at Hand

If your employees have private healthcare or an EAP service with AXA PPP healthcare then they’ll have access to Health at Hand. Our medical team of nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists are available whenever your employees have a health worry, question about their medication or treatment, or if they simply need a little guidance and reassurance. Our helplines are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and our pharmacists and midwives are here 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, until 4pm on Saturday, and until 12pm on Sunday. 


For more information on any of these services or to discuss how you can promote the services you already have with your employees, please contact your account manager.



2AXA PPP healthcare whitepaper: Realising the value from your health and wellbeing strategy