Genomic profiling

Genomic Profiling Pathway


19 January 2018

Introducing our Genomic Profiling Pathway in association with HCA Healthcare UK (HCA)

With the fast paced and innovative nature of developments in cancer treatment,  we feel it’s important to keep pace with these changes and help you support your employees by providing new options that may lead to better health outcomes.

As part of this restlessness, we’re delighted to announce the introduction of our “Genomic Profiling Pathway” pilot in association with HCA, which is now available to our clients and members.

This form of genomic profiling, known as “Next Generation Sequencing”, is a new approach that provides a more comprehensive view of the patient’s tumour to inform clinicians when determining future treatment paths.  

This personalised approach aims to help identify what drug is likely to be most effective for each individual patient – which could result in the patient being offered participation in a clinical trial, thereby providing access to further treatment options. 

Our “Genomic Profiling Pathway” is available to all breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer patients receiving treatment within an HCA hospital, as clinically appropriate. 

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Cancer care

Through understanding the complexities cancer brings, we support our members by offering a caring and open dialogue and by always respecting their unique circumstances.

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We’ve specifically chosen to work with HCA on the introduction of this pathway because of the robust clinical governance that has been put in place for it.  Through working collaboratively with them and our own in-house clinicians, we are confident that we’re piloting this pathway in a responsible and reasonable manner.  Furthermore, our AXA Health Dedicated Cancer Nurses will ensure our members are fully supported throughout their journey – both clinically and emotionally.

Dr Gary Bolger, Chief Medical Officer, AXA Health comments:

“Thankfully, we live in a time where, with advances in medical treatment and technology, many patients are being successfully treated. Indeed, with more than 750,000  people of working age in the UK living with a cancer diagnosis and more than half expected to survive for at least 10 years following their diagnosis, the disease looks set to continue to pose long-term challenges for employees and employers alike. When it comes to treatment, cancer drug accessibility can play a crucial role in many patients’ treatment journeys and expectations.  

At AXA Health we are passionate when it comes to looking after our members’ health, and are relentlessly working with our partners to offer further options to improve access to healthcare.”  

Dr Cliff Bucknall, Group Medical Director, HCA Healthcare UK comments:

"We are excited to be working with AXA Health to make Next Generation Sequencing available to their members. By working together in this way, we are able to offer improved access to personalised medicine, enabling bespoke treatments when appropriate, as well as access to particular clinical trials, which would not otherwise be possible. We are confident that working in this way, will ultimately demonstrate better clinical outcomes for patients."

If you're interested in finding out more please don't hesitate to talk to your account manager who will be pleased to discuss this further.