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Is your workplace ready for tomorrow – and beyond?

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28 October 2019

It’s no secret that, over the past 20 years, the world of work has changed beyond recognition for many of us. And looks set to continue to do so.

Technology has changed the game – powering increased efficiencies, innovation and flexibility and in turn bringing hope of better work-life balance.

Compared with what our Industrial Revolution forebears endured, living and working conditions today are arguably the best they’ve ever been.

But despite this, for many, things in the working life garden aren’t all that rosy.  Health risks – think plentiful calories and sedentary working – abound. And productivity remains stubbornly low.* Now we are in the Digital Revolution – the human is arguably the slowest component and the spectre of burnout looms large.

So, while for some the future of work may be bright, the need for building a resilient workforce has never been greater. And, in the face of continuing economic uncertainty, safeguarding workers’ wellbeing looks likely to become an even more pressing concern.

Encouragingly, the proportion of larger sized employers that have introduced strategies for managing employee wellbeing is growing. More than doubling – from 30% to 68% – since 2016.**

But, while the focus on health and wellbeing for the here and now is all well and good, how many employers are preparing for the challenges of tomorrow? And beyond?

Insight will be key to supporting the workforce of the future’s wellbeing. Of course technology and AI will play their part. But so too culture and leadership. We are, after all, only human.

It won’t be easy. Then again, what’s worth achieving rarely is.

I’ll be discussing this, and more, at CIPD’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester on Thursday November 7th. Come and join me.

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