Life satisfaction

25 February 2021

Life satisfaction is about being able to manage all the various areas in your life well and with purpose. Life can be 'partitioned' into various areas. Work, family, finances and physical/mental health are examples of these highly important areas.

During our life these areas can be affected e.g. divorce or being made redundant at work. These can then cause financial issues and play a massive part on your mental and physical health.

Why is life satisfaction important?

Not only does greater life satisfaction make us feel happier and simply enjoy life more, it also has a positive impact on our health and well-being.

Research has found that bad life satisfaction is strongly correlated with health-related factors like chronic illness, sleep problems, pain, obesity, smoking, anxiety, and physical activity. The relationship may move in both directions, but it’s clear that life satisfaction and health go hand in hand—increase or enhance one, and the other will likely soon follow.

A recent study by researchers at Chapman University found that life satisfaction is actually related to a reduced risk of mortality. And frequent fluctuations in life satisfaction have been shown to be particularly harmful for health and longevity.

Top tips for success

  • Try new experiences, trying new things and breaking out of your old routine and really improve your life satisfaction.
  • Socialise more with either your family or your friends. Having better social connections can help to keep the mind socially engaged.
  • Committing yourself to whatever you do 100% will give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that mindless work and passive pleasures simply can’t deliver.


  • Challenge yourself to a new hobby or activity such as learning a new language or going for a hike every other week to add variety to your routine if you are stuck in a rut.
  • A problem shared can be a problem halved so don’t be afraid to discuss your thoughts and feelings with others. This may help you to address any of your concerns and you can put a plan in place to increase your satisfaction.

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