Let’s Get Better

Whatever healthy means for you, we can help you get there – whether that’s a lifestyle change,
or life-changing treatment.

With us, private health insurance is only the start of the story.

At AXA Health, we want
to help you bring out your best self

We’ll know where to find answers if an ache keeps you awake
or fix you up with a physio to sort out that niggly knee. 
We’ll make sure you’re diagnosed and treated quickly
and be the friendly expert you can trust throughout your cancer journey.
We’ll keep you fired up for your fitness routine
and help you strengthen your mental health and wellbeing to get the most out of today.
We’ll give you peace of mind that you can get the help you need. 
Quickly, reliably, easily.
So whatever healthy looks like for you, you can rely on us to get you there.
Let’s get going.  

The doctor will see you now

Or tomorrow during lunch. Or tonight after work. What works for you? 

With our Doctor@Hand service you can see a private GP at whatever time suits, from the comfort of your sofa or the convenience of your office.

It really is that easy. 

Finding your healthy

What does healthy mean to you? 
A new habit picked up? An old one kicked? 
A little switch? Or a reinvention? 

Discounted gym membership to boost your motivation; wellness gurus to build your resilience; health assessments to sharpen your focus on what works. 

We’ll go all in to help you reach healthier goals.

Let us find the answers you need

What’s the latest advice on my daughter’s tonsillitis? What are my options for the arthritis in my wrist? What side effects could my migraine pills have?

We have nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists ready to make sense of the ever-changing world of healthcare. It’s what we do every day, and we love doing it. 

Let us make things a little easier.

Working well

Want to keep your colleagues at their best, but not sure where to begin?  

We can build your wellbeing programme together to help everyone bring their best selves to work. Our Working Body physiotherapists can get them back on their feet – without a GP referral – while our Occupational Health team make sure they stay safe. We can even help them fit a virtual GP appointment into their day.

What do you want to explore?

For me and my family

More about how we can help.

For small businesses

Flexible cover to help you keep your business thriving.

For large businesses

Wellbeing and mental health support, tailored cover, and healthy workplace advice for larger businesses.

Already with us?

Sign in to Member Online to keep track of your cover and treatments you’ve claimed for, and safely share documents with us. 

You can also browse online health support from others like you in HealthUnlocked. 

It’s easy to register – you’ll just need your membership number.

Got a health question right now?

You don’t need to be a member to ask our clinical team a health question.

So if something’s niggling and you need an answer, ask away and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for AXA PPP healthcare?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.
We’re making some changes to how we look and sound and that has started with our name – you’ll be seeing more about our transformation soon. 

But as AXA Health we’re still the same friendly team, and still the same experience and expertise. We’re just changing our name to focus on health and wellbeing – as it’s what we do best.